KF4JVI - Tryon NC, Polk County


The purpose of this club is to be prepared in case of an emergency and to relay traffic within this repeater's coverage area. We invite all amateur radio operators to participate.


TBARC assures the success of our club and our community by having an organization with a focus on its goals, a system of operator development, prudent financial management, and a vision toward and dedication to public service. We support an organized and comprehensive training program and publicize its activities and services to the community. 

Club Activities

The club is active in WARNS, SKYWARN, Winlink, Simplex exercises, DMR, Mt Mitchell Assault, Hamshack Hotline, Amateur Radio License Testing and more!  

Become a Ham

TBARC is always looking for new members. If you are interested in developing your skills or sharing your skills with other hams then TBARC may be the club for you.

TBARC now has the Hightower antenna system that can install a 60+ foot mast for club members.  Check out Chad KO4NUE's YOUTUBE for more information

Monthly Meetings

All are Welcome

   Last Thursday of each month -7:00 pm

    American Legion Post 250 

   43 Depot St, Tryon NC 28782


Weekly Nets

All Amateur Operators Welcome

   Thermal Belt repeater, KF4JVI 

   Every Monday night - 7:30 p.m.

   Frequency 145.330

   Negative offset 

   PL Tone 91.5 Hz. 

Echolink KF4JVI-R Node 158374

Club Officers:

President:   Chad Hightower, KO4NUE

Vice-Pres:  Robin Michael, KV4AL

Secretary:  Ann Smith, KO4HYC

Treasurer:  Ann Smith, KO4HYC

Email : 

Thermal Belt Amateur Radio Club

Net Controllers:

Monday 1 - Ann KO4HYC

Monday 2 - Richard KA3JCA

Monday 3 - Steve KO4HYD

Monday 4 - Anna KO4RYP

Monday 5 - Chad KO4NUE

TBARC is an ARRL affiliated club

TBARC is manually linked to the Skywarn system